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Kind for type for Friends

Monday, April 22, 2013

Tips for Health. Friends is a place someone to share joy and sorrow. Best friends should bring a positive impact on a person. If you want to know, including what type of person we are, look around your friends. There are 4 types of friends you should have.
As quoted from the Huffington Post, Saturday (17/10/2009), Robert Wicks, a professor of psychology and author of Living the Resilient Life says there are 4 types of friends we should look for and enter the human life cycle, which would make life more happiness and quality.

1. Type critics
Friends with the type of this type will always be reminded when we make mistakes. Without being asked anything, he would always criticize us when doing something deviant. This type is very good to remind us on the right path, though sometimes painful to hear criticism of a somewhat spicy.

2. Type support
You have such a friend is very lucky, because this type of friends will always support what you do and be happy with your success. You will always feel the spirit and motivated when positioned close to him.

3. Type cheerleaders
Perhaps this type is more preferred. Friends with cheerleader types will always make you happy again at the time of sadness and grief. incomplete if it did not come together but no friends on this one. When you are frustrated and depressed, a friend of this type more to make you laugh.

4. Type supervising
You will feel happier when a friend of this type. Being around him will make you feel calm and peaceful. He will always give feedback and useful advice dikala you need. I think your life into focus because a friend gave important input for your life.

If you do not have friends like the above, you should start looking for each other as friends who share the balance will make your life more balanced. You can avoid the stress of disease by sharing with them.


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